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VIETLOI GROUP (Eximrs Global Real Estate) handles real estate information, sales procedures, leasing procedures, and property management in Vietnam.

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EXIM Real Estate has a window for Japanese people. The Japanese in charge responds responsibly.

When foreigners buy real estate in Vietnam, there are some points to be aware of and conditions for selecting properties to keep in mind.

In order to avoid troubles, we recommend that you first consult with EXIM Real Estate, grasp the information accurately, and then consider it again.


Founded in 1995, Van Phuc Real Estate Group (predecessor of Dai Phuc Real Estate Group) has over 25 years of strong development and establishment experience. Currently, Van Phuc Group is one of the oldest and largest real estate groups in Ho Chi Minh City.

Van Phuc Group is a leading unit in the field of real estate product planning, investment and development as a pioneer in the real estate market. The total land fund is about 400 hectares and there are many projects in the prime location of Ho Chi Minh City.

Van Phuc Group has achieved many achievements in the field of investment after more than 25 years of establishment and development. Development of large-scale real estate projects, introduction of new residential areas, urban areas, etc. Developed to meet the needs of Ho Chi Minh City residents, this new town is spacious, modern and civilized.

• In front of National Highway No. 13 in Tu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Hiep Binh Fok District

• Adjacent to Metro 3B (Metro 3B is constructed along National Highway 13)

• Adjacent to Pham Van Dong Avenue

* Pham Van Dong Avenue = Modern urban area in southern Vietnam where many first-class utilities including foreign investment are concentrated, such as Tu Duc Market, Tu Duc Vincom, Tu Duc Hospital, Ho Chi Minh City National University, etc.)

• Only 10 minutes from Tan Son Nhat Airport Districts 1 and 2

• Connect the entire canoe bus route on the Saigon River

• Convenience of subway, main road, airport and waterway transportation

Positional relationship with the 1st ward, BINH THANH ward, 2nd ward (THAO DIEN district)

The starting point (center point) is

It is BEN THANH station in District 1.

The status of properties that can be purchased changes daily.

Currently available property prices, room layout, property features, payment / procedure methods, precautions when purchasing, real estate law,

For details such as, please contact the person in charge directly.

We handle a large number of properties that can be rented in each region. (Rental properties are only in southern Vietnam)

We will tell you the detached type, condominium (with or without service), desired area (within minutes to the place of work, etc.), desired price, select some properties according to it, and provide information.

After that, if there is a property you are interested in, we will guide you directly to the preview. We can guide you until you find a property you like.

The brokerage fee is free. Please feel free to contact us.

Please contact the person in charge directly for details such as the rental price currently available for rent, room layout, property features (whether or not there is a pool / gym, etc.), payment / procedure methods, etc.

There are two properties when buying real estate in Vietnam.

① Newly developed property (often without interior / furniture)

② Resale property (often with interior / furniture)

Most of ① are sold by Burebuild.

The point is that you will make a purchase (sales contract) before the building is completed.

If you have been to Vietnam, you may have seen it, but the condominium under construction is not under construction and is left as it is? There is a building that has become.

Nowadays, the number is decreasing, but even apartments that started construction a few years ago have such properties.

Easy information from local expatriates seems to include information such as “Because sales did not go as expected and there was no money to complete.”, But this is not accurate information.

To be correct, the construction has been stopped by the Vietnamese government because the construction was not carried out in the regular order (application). But I think that’s the right reason.

Each application of the current Vietnamese government is rigorously checked, but it is not difficult at all.

It can be said that this is the result of the fact that the developer who develops the product has little experience and has proceeded with the construction easily (without permission).

In that sense, property selection based on the credit of the developer is very important.

Since the market price of the resale property after completion can be checked immediately, I think it is up to the purchaser to buy it at a lower price than the market price or even if it is slightly higher than the market price. But is there any bad information for those who can be trusted? I recommend you to consult with us.

There are various types of real estate for sale, including the ㎡ price range and floor plans.

The important thing in real estate investment for investment purposes is to predict beyond the selling price (purchase price).

The point is the forecast to the exit until the profit is confirmed.

Vietnam’s real estate is expected to continue to rise for at least the next 30 years from the perspective of multiple experts, but it was assumed that foreigners would actually make a profit including the time of sale of the property. Is to buy a property.

First of all, foreigners can sell real estate to both foreigners and Vietnamese, but it is important to assume that they will sell to Vietnamese.

It is important that the Vietnamese want to buy the property among the many property options.

At the time of purchase, even if you are not in the city center, you will often sell it with information such as “The price will rise steadily as it develops in the future.”

Unless there is a special situation such as a war, it is certain that Vietnam’s real estate prices will rise in the future, but of course prices will rise from popular areas.

Purchasing a property under development or planned to be developed has the appeal of being able to generate a lot of profits with a low budget, but the planned development has been cancelled. Then, the assumption of the price increase rate will change.

Therefore, it is very important to judge whether it is the area where the government actually approved the development work (road infrastructure work, etc.) or the information that is supposed to develop.

To buy real estate in Vietnam, any real estate company can buy it at the same price if you have a real estate license.

Some companies charge brokerage fees, while others charge brokerage fees free of charge.

If you don’t get a brokerage fee, you can’t say that after-sales follow-up is bad.

Conversely, it is safe because it is a company that charges brokerage fees. It cannot be said.

So what kind of real estate agent should I buy through? .. I think it’s hard to judge.

At VIETLOI Real Estate, we recommend foreigners investing in real estate in Vietnam on the assumption that they will be resold in the medium term of 6 to less than 10 years.

And it is important to judge whether the owner can manage the property with confidence even if he / she does not come to the site during the period until the sale.

When investing in real estate overseas, it is important to manage and manage the property after purchasing it, so it is important to be able to properly distribute and realize information on renters and resellers.

When a trader purchases a property, everyone will naturally say, “You can follow me. Please be assured.”

Even if you feel relieved because it is the contact point for the Japanese person in charge, you do not really know how long the person in charge will stay in Vietnam.

One of the factors to judge there is that the real estate company to purchase is a company that is firmly rooted in the local area.

I think one of the important decisions is whether the person in charge is a staff member who is rooted in the field.

I don’t think that credit can be achieved by email alone, so I think it is one of the important factors to make a purchase decision based on your own feelings by actually having an interview (online) with the person in charge.

The parent corporation of EXIM GLOBAL REAL ESTATE (EXIM Real Estate) is a local investment company in Vietnam.

If you are interested in investing in Vietnam, not just real estate, please contact us.

Vietnam has many potentials in multiple genres.

Information unique to the local investment company “VIETLOI GROUP” who is familiar with Vietnam

We can provide and realize company matching.

Please contact us first. We also offer online interviews.

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13 August, 2021