Vietloi is able to reduce brokerage costs and have the same or better effect as Japanese trading companies by using an efficient matching system (personal connections) built by the representative himself in Vietnam. VIETLOI's great strength is that it is possible to realize matching work between a true consultant who is familiar with the local area and a reliable and powerful local excellent company.

We will pursue future possibilities together with you as a "local partner specializing in possibilities". Vietloi is building a "potential-focused platform" especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (overseas capital).

It is a general trading company in Vietnam that can guide all possibilities (true consultant) not only to establish a corporation, which is the entrance to the market, but also to build a sales market (matching) and joint ventures with potential companies.

One-stop support in the true sense is possible

As you know, there are many companies in Vietnam that are engaged in consulting business (company attraction company).

The business that each consultant company (company attracting company) handles in common is the establishment of a local corporation (resident office).

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This is because all you need to do to expand into Vietnam is the establishment of a local corporation (resident office).

Therefore, when selecting a company to request the establishment of a company in Vietnam, I think that it is often the case that a Vietnamese corporation is established through a consultant company (company attracting company).

So, first of all, I would like you to know that each consultant company has its own main business, and as a part of that, it is engaged in the consulting business. I think it is necessary to recognize that.

As the main industry of each consultant company, I think that the accounting & tax industry is the most common.

In addition, factory development (real estate), dispatching labor, trading companies, etc.

Each consultant company (company attracting company) handles the establishment of a local corporation (representative office) everywhere.

And to be honest, I don't think there is a big difference in services other than fees when it comes to the business of establishing a company.

Other services include accounting / taxation, auditing, legal / labor, M & A, dispatching (sales / general affairs agency), and vendor introduction services. (Including outsourcing)

In short, what is the strongest company among multiple handling operations? It is important to make a choice in, and I think that the correct choice will have a considerable impact on your work later.

Building excellent suppliers and markets for Vietnamese companies

Depending on the type of industry in which you are expanding, there are companies that do not need local sales support, such as receiving all orders on the Japanese side, but I hope that many companies will also make a profit even at local corporations (local orders).

I think that there. However, I think that the

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current situation is that many companies that have established sales departments for local sales have not been able to generate the sales they expected.

Especially in the case of small and medium-sized enterprises, the reason is that they often serve concurrently as the local president as the local sales department.

Even if the local president has sales experience in Japan, it is unavoidable that he cannot focus on sales himself.

Also, sales between Japanese companies and sales including Vietnamese companies are also different, so it is very difficult to produce good results.

And I have a Vietnamese sales person as a sales person, but honestly, I think it is very difficult to find a good Vietnamese sales person for that sales person.

The reason is that there are few human resources who have a lot of experience in commerce (sales position) in Vietnam, and many Vietnamese companies exchange information in relation to introductions between acquaintances. Therefore, it is very important to have a wide variety of personal connections.

It is very difficult for young Vietnamese, including the Japanese local president, who were hired for recruitment, to connect with the executives of each Vietnamese company.

This is because people who have relationships with major Vietnamese in each company do not work in the sales position of Japanese companies but start their own businesses.

VIETLOI has connections with excellent Vietnamese companies, which are difficult for Japanese companies to enter due to the friendship of Mr. LOI, the representative of each business type.

VIETLOI's efforts and strengths

The relationship between all clients and us is We provide advice and introduction (matching) based on the concept of a business community in Vietnam.

VIETLOI undertakes all categories necessary for those who are expanding into Vietnam and engaging in Vietnam, and provides one-stop support

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in the true sense from factory construction to local supplier matching and support for establishing a local sales market.

VIETLOI has information and connections with local companies that companies in all fields want in Vietnam.